Breda is Al's aunt. She swims in the sea every day (in her togs). She drives a jeep and has over a dozen cats. She had a severe stroke in 2013 which left her paralysed down her dominant side.
Swim/Stroke is an intimate exploration of one woman's experience of surviving a stroke and defying the odds to regain her strength and independence. Performed by her nephew and drawing on her love of swimming, jazz and cats, Swim/Stroke uses original music, text, projections and voice recordings to tell this story of hope and defiance.

Devised in collaboration with Laura Perrem | Arran MacGabhann | Aoife Cahill | Julie Daunt

Presented as a work-in-progress at Cork Midsummer Festival 2017 & programmed as part of Clonmel Junction Festival 2017.


Contact us for more information: info@alsaproductions.com


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Al Dalton

Sadhbh Barrett Coakley

Arran MacGabhann

Laura Perrem

Aoife Cahill

Julie Daunt

Sinead Pollard

Manni Loosli

Enrique Carnicero

Lovisa Cosgrave