by Brían Crotty


Human Dynamo tells the story of Terence O’Donnell, a talented hurler confined to rural Ireland in the late 1970’s.

Terence is hounded by the pressures of anxiety and depression, naivety and ego.

A story told through the perspective of three separate times in Terence’s life, Human Dynamo investigates fragmented moments in time and the contradictions of personal and collective memories as well as toxic masculinity and anxiety.


​Brían Crotty is a visual artist, filmmaker and writer.  

Brían uses narrative and cinematic structures to investigate language, representation, and identity in his art work. The work examines the contemporary ideas of non-space and the void between consciousness and the age of information. Using allegory through a number of diverse medias, Brían’s work reaches a hybrid visual tableaux from a range of sources.  Images draw from a storehouse of popular social description but in the mixing of artifice and realism. The present is revealed as an accumulation of past experiences.

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Human Dynamo is Brían’s first piece of writing specifically for theatre. Having worked on the script for over a year,

Brían sent a draft to ALSA Productions seeking dramaturgical feedback. We had a number of meetings to discuss the text and explore its potential.

Brían had never heard the script read aloud before so the next step was to organise a cold reading.

We brought 4 actors into the room for a cold reading and to hear how the text would be affected by different voices.  

We learned a lot from that reading and Brían has since redrafted the piece incorporating three different voices for Terence: Present Terence, Young Terence and Youngest Terence.

An excerpt of Human Dynamo was presented as a work-in-progress at SHOW 2018

Performed by actors Liam Heffernan, Julie Maguire & Conor O'Riordan 

Sound design by Peter Power.

Directed by Al Dalton. 

Script development & producing by Sadhbh Barrett Coakley.

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